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World HIPHOP Volume 1

Chris, Sep 08, 2007 16:52:00 GMT

Buraka Som Sistema

Ever since I burned through M.I.A’s latest record (entitled Kala, for those of you living under a rock) I’ve developed an intense craving for world hip-hop. Since Kala was so incredibly diverse when it came to ethnic sound that I just had to dig deeper–and I found some cool stuff, actually. I’ve talked about some international hip-hop before (i.e. UK grime scene, La Rumeur, FantaVier, etc.) but this time I tried to go all around the globe on this one–not just in Europe and in the States. This is what I came up with, enjoy:

MP3: Buraka Som Sistema Wawaba (feat. Petty)

Portugese trip-hop has never been so electrifying. If you’re into M.I.A., give your right-click button some action. Really great stuff.

MP3: PVP Gaengschterhymne

Believe it or not, but the Swiss can seriously throw it down–and PVP proves my point exactly, cutting up intricate rhymes with simple beats and piano riffs. It’s a whole new perspective to the America-friendly « gangster rhyme ».


Pee Froiss Jalgaty [indiechristoph. favorite]
Tata Pound Badala
Bibson & Xuman Kay Jel Ma

These MC’s come from the western part of Africa, more specifically Senegal/Mali/Gambia. African hip-hop is kicking everyone else’s ass right now, simply because their beats aren’t as recycled, and the fact that they don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to record a hip-hop album. African hip-hop is as real as it gets–it’s the alter ego of materialized, overhyped American rap.



DAM Born Here (Arabic) [indiechristoph. favorite]
DAM Meen-Ir Hebi?

DAM is a Palestinian hip-hop trio based 20 km outside of Jerusalem. « Dam » actually is Arabic for « immortal » or « blood », but the group also considers their name as an acronym for Da Arabian MC’s. This group is leading the hip-hop movement in the Middle East, and they’re starting to inch their way towards Europe as well. If you’re interested in English translations, check out their website right here.


Edu K Hot Mama (Bondo Do Role Mix)
Voltair Cleck Cleck Boom [indiechristoph. favorite]

Cleck Cleck! Boom. I think I’ll end this with some stuff I found based in Rio. If you guys want more stuff you can’t really find anywhere else, I suggest going here or here.

Thanks to  indiechristoph

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