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«ce qui se construit à la marge se construit au centre» (Michel Foucault)


#27 begins with a the intro of a collaboration album between the legendary French pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert who’ll also be quite legendary when he gets as old, we’ll be covering both artists next week. We start off electronic with a touch of dub by Dr. Israel and Horace Andy. New stuff from Portland psychedelics Plants and a re-release of the soundtrack of 1968 movie The innermost Limits of Pure Fun by Farm, followed by Madlib’s new indian hiphop album. Also of note is The Tuss on Rephlex. Which is drumroll!! a new moniker for Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin. The show ends a bit jazzy with a dedication to the late Max Roach. This show was recorded and broadcasted a few days after the death of Roach, so you see we’re still a few shows off from our current schedule, which is #30 to be broadcasted tomorrow. 2 exquisite show from error101 are in queue, hopefully I’ll post them up in the weekend.

On lighter news UNDOLONDO have a facebook group now that you can check out if you’re interested in it.
01. jean jacques perrey & luke vibert – intro
02. serengeti & polyphonic – i haven’t been feeling well
03. gangpol und mit – a few elements of vocabulary
04. battles – leyendecker
05. yacht – see a penny (pick it up)
06. dr. israel – survivor
07. horace andy – tell me why
08. plants – birdflowers
09. farm – wind’n’sea
10. madlib the bead konducta – movie finale
11. feist – sea lion woman (chromeo remix)
12. tussle – pow
13. friendly fires – on board
14. the tuss – shiz ko e
15. 2econd class citizen – jazz break
16. marc ribot – yezriel
17. max roach – ezz-thetic

available from archive.org

Undomondo Radio Show #27

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