i m a MOBS

«ce qui se construit à la marge se construit au centre» (Michel Foucault)

air supply : a parts & labor bagpipe mixtape – compiled by christopher r. weingarten and parts & labor (72.50mb, 52:43mins)

Mix tape du blog Allez Allez

Tracklisting : AC/DC – it’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock n roll) (from TNT, 1975)
dirty three – doris (from cinder, 2005)
neutral milk hotel – untitled (from in the aeroplane over the sea, 1998)
parts & labor – jurassic technology (from rise, rise, rise, 2003)
the roots ft. rufus hartley – do you want more?!!!??! (from do you want more?!!!??!, 1994)
peter gabriel – come talk to me (from Us, 1992)
neurosis – the last you’ll know (from times Of grace, 1999)
parliament – the silent boatmen (from osmium, 1970)
wings – mull Of kintyre (single, 1977)
the white stripes – prickly thorn, but sweetly worn (from icky thump, 2007)
the church – under the milky way (from starfish, 1988)
belle and sebastian – sleep the clock around (from the boy with the arab strap, 1998)
laurie anderson – sweaters (from big science, 1982)
korn – shoots and ladders (from korn, 1994)
ministry – unsung (alternate mix) (from rantology, 2005)
gwar – the horror Of yig (from scumdogs of the universe, 1990)
the animals – sky pilot (from the twain shall meet, 1968)
nino tempo & april stevens – i love how you love me (single, 1965)

Thanks to : Allez-Allez. 

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