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«ce qui se construit à la marge se construit au centre» (Michel Foucault)

Digital & Video Art Fair Paris [D.I.V.A] 2007… Nos amis débarquent le 15 novembre

diva-paris.jpgMoving Images, New Media & Digital Photography

Louvre des Antiquaires, Place du Palais royal, 75001 Paris, France, 15 novembre 2007 // 11 am- 7pm (11:00H – 19:00H) // Free admission  (gratuit)

Digital & Video Art Fair Paris 2007 – New dates

For it’s 3rd edition in Paris, DiVA (The Digital & Video Art Fair ) set new dates to be better positioned in the busy international calendar. The new dates and location to allow more flexibility for interested galleries to participate in the fair and art lovers to take their time to view the videos.

These changes should bring the number of visitors from 3,000 last year to an estimated 10,000 this fall 2007. The new location offers many advantages such as the unique opportunity to the exhibitor to use an actual retail store space at the central location in the middle of Paris. The most interesting aspect of this new location however is the juxtaposition of Video and Digital Art with Antiquities. A unique demonstration that Digital and Video Art co/exist with the utmost pertinence in all environment even when it creates an apparent anachronism.

Digital & Video Art Fair Paris 2007 – The program

19 stores at Louvre des Antiquaires used by international galleries

Screenings and lectures at the fair

Outdoor program of recommended exhibitions in Paris with VIP receptions.

Digital & Video Art Fair Paris 2007 – A unique vision

DiVA, the first international contemporary art fair dedicated to video and multimedia arts

Since the first edition DiVA have demonstrated a commitment to quality. It is also a profound forward thinking approach to the event we offer to the world. As such DiVA has become the first fair dedicated to Video and New Media, the largest fair for video art, the only international fair for Video Art.

Today DiVA offers possibility to buy the art works directly online.

Since the invention of photography, nothing has had a greater impact on artistic practice than the emergence of the personal video camera, and later, digital technology. Today, cameras and video cameras, digital and otherwise, with the aid of computers, have become the ultimate tool in creating a dynamic arena for artistic expression without the limits imposed by the artists’ physical surroundings.
The concentration of serious collectors in Paris, both contemporary art lovers and those who collect as part of family tradition, makes Paris one of the most important places for exhibiting video art and new media. DiVA Paris promises to be a valuable addition to the city’s art arena with local and international collectors welcoming video as a serious part of their collections.

Digital & Video Art Fair Paris 2007 – Information

Metro : Palais-Royal, Musee du Louvre
Parking, Vélib


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