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«ce qui se construit à la marge se construit au centre» (Michel Foucault)

Un peu de musique pour vous comme pour moi.

A partir du blog alainfinkielkrautrock, mon blog musical préféré.

ou ici holger czukay hollywood symphony
neil young change your mind
tantra a place called tarot
t shirt www.shoboshobo.com

J’aime bien aussi ce blog heinouberspace

Il m’aidera à créer ma playlist pour la fête de mon anniversaire sur le thème de 1968 !

Ou pour écouter « to kill petite bourgeoisie » via undomondo

What Would It Be Like To Be a WFMU DJ on Another Planet? à partir du blog d’une de mes radio favorite.

QUi sample qui ? c’est ici pour les réponse sur Souled on.

Sinon pour de la soul introuvable dans la distribution c’est ici chez Soul Sides ou pour de la funk c’est chez
Enjoys, my cousins !



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Happy birthday Funky16Corners, 3 years !

En cadeau ils vous offrent ce mix ici.


1. Ulysses Crockett – Major Funky (Transverse)
2. Jimmy Owens Quartet Plus – Chicago Light Green (Polydor)
3. Gary Burton Quartet – Sweet Rain (RCA)
4. Grant Green – Cease the Bombing (Blue Note)
5. Sonny Phillips – Bean Pie (Prestige)
6. Jack Wilson Quartet – Ramblin’ (Vault)
7. Leon Spencer – The Slide (Prestige)
8. Al Hirt – Harlem Hendoo (RCA)
9. Lonnie Smith (Slow High)
10. Mose Allison – I’m Not Talkin’ (Atlantic)
11. Les McCann – Compared to What (Limelight)
Also featuring Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, William S Burroughs, Herbert Huncke and the mighty Lord Buckley…

Listen/ Download 55MB Mixed MP3

Download 50MB Zip File

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Kokolo at the Hot House

Kokolo at the Hot House by Paula PixHey folks, time for a new post today. If you remember the Fanga post, I was talking about a second afrobeat album. Well the time has come to that.

Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra is an 8 piece orchestra from New York. Their debut from 2004 had the fabulous opener “Donkey” which had made me hunt the album back then and I’ve been waiting for another album to appear since. Here’s two great tracks from the album Love International which was released on Freestyle Records. Love International is a storming piece of Afro-Caribbean beat. My first selection “Congo Bongo” is a percussive Spanish shaker which forces me to sing along with faux Spanish and the second one is inspired by Barack Obama, I presume. I would vote for a black president had there been one a candidate in Turkey as well, so don’t you lose your chance to do so fellow Americans. 😉

Order Kokolo – Love International from Dusty Groove or MP3s from Straight No Chaser

Kokolo – Congo Bongo
Kokolo – Vote Black President
Kokolo – Donkey


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Various  »Salsoul Disco Madness »

JAZZYPIER, Oct 08, 2007 05:37:00 GMT by

 »Salsoul Disco Madness »
A Walter Gibbons Mix
Salsoul Records 1978
Original Vinyl Rip
(New Upload)

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un nouveau post d’un de mes blog favori

Souled On

The post includes 10 Funky Gems straight from Jopparelli’s vinyl collection: here’s the playlist

1- George Clinton – “Erotic City”
2- Cassius – “Au Reve”
3- Frankie Jugga – “Clap Your Hands”
4- The Incredible Bongo Band – “In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida”
5- Mindless Boogie – “Area 45″
6- Roughneck Soldiers – “Kill Or Be Killed”
7- Saukrates feat. Masta Ace & O.C. – “Rollin”
8- Supernatual – “Boodah Blessed It”
9- Tragedy ft. Capone- “Thug Paradise”
10- Wrecks n’ Effect – “Juicy”

What are you waiting for? Go to the Souled On Blog to get them all!

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Timmy Thomas // funky me

SIMTEC SIMMONS / tea pot (Maurci) 

The Computer and the Little Fooler, Computing (Maurci)

The Computer and the Little Fooler, Sw-w-wis-s-sh (Maurci)


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Samplez, samplons et recréeons

Dans notre société contemporaine, le « sampling » est omniprésent mis à part chez des individus atteints par le génie de la création comme Mozart, Picasso, Duchamp, etc.  Les gens regardent ce qui se fait ailleurs, veillent, s’approprient des bouts d’ideés, de sons ou de créations et les remixent pour mieux renaître ? Des exemples ci-dessous dans la musique.

« The Look Of Slim »Gene Harris & The Three Sounds
(Sampled on « Slim’s Return » by Madlib)

Dig deeper…

« Why I Keep Living These Memories »Jean Knight
(Sampled on « Defeat » by Afu-Ra—prod. by DJ Premier)

Dig deeper…

« You Roam When You Don’t Get It At Home »The Sweet Inspirations
(Sampled on « One » by Ghostface Killah)

Dig deeper…

« Changing Face »JJ Band
(Sampled on « Jewelz » by OC—prod. by Lord Finesse)

Dig deeper…

« Gimme Some »Freddie McCoy
(Sampled on « For Pete’s Sake » by Pete Rock & CL Smooth)

Dig deeper…

Bonus mp3s:

« On The Real »Nas (from the 12″ single b/w « Star Wars »)

« The Corner (Mo’ Green Remix) »Common

« Somersault (DangerMouse Remix) »Zero 7 w/ MF Doom (If you like a little danger in your doom…)

merci à Souledonmusic. 

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Funky16Corners Radio v.35 – Soul Organs Vol. 2

Mr. Charles Earland at the organ…

Funky16Corners Radio v.35- Soul Organs Vol. 2


Charlie Earland Erector Set – Yes-Suh! (Eldorado)
Brown Brothers of Soul – Cholo (Specialty)
Hank Marr – The Out Crowd (Wingate)
Merl Saunders Quintet – Soul Groovin’ (Galaxy)
Jesse Butler – Messy Jesse (Philips)
Jimmy Brown – Chain of Fools (Abet)
Truman Thomas – Funky Broadway (Veep)
Georgie Fame – El Bandido (Imperial)
Jesse Gresham Plus Three – Bust Out (Jewel)
Dave Lewis – J.A.J. (Panorama)
Butch Cornell’s Trio – Goose Pimples (Ru Jac)
DuKays – Sho Nuff MF (Jerry-O)
Cals – Stand Tall (Loadstone)
Jackie Hairston – Hijack (Atco)
Bill Doggett – 25 Miles (King)

Listen/ Download 38MB Mixed MP3

Download 38MB Zip File

SOURCE : funky16corners

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DE LA [bonne] SOUL

Ici via l’excellent blog FUNKY16CORNERS.

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DJ Little Danny, Sep 24, 2007 19:06:00 GMT

Just as its antecedents in the mid-‘60s had their sitar interludes and fuzztone atmospherics, the hipper cinema of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s oozed with wah-wah guitars, jazz basslines and funky backbeats. And why not? Whatever Tinseltown’s machinations, film had long been a dramatic and stylish medium, and its soundtrack composers were some of the coolest talents around. Movie and television scores afforded lucrative opportunities for a Lalo Schifrin or Henry Mancini to satisfy some serious interests in jazz and composition, if not to experiment with riffs from psychedelic rock or dark rhythms from funk.

Before funk became an obligatory element of every post-Shaft blaxploitation picture, though, before it became a cliché on primetime television fare like CHiPs, there were this week’s selections. Some of these were written for movies. Some of them weren’t written for the screen but wound up there. Some of these were versions of soundtrack themes that exceeded the original. At one end of town, circa 1970, there were serious young men with serious pedigrees from music conservatories sitting in studios with handfuls of annotated charts. At the other end of town, the poorer part of town, churning funk music spun out in endless iterations. And, in that planetary stretch in between, these selections happened.

1. Roy Budd, Carter (DJM)
Roy Budd was a British musical prodigy who began his professional career as a jazz pianist at the tender age of sixteen. It would be his later soundtrack work for movies like Kidnapped (1971) and The Wild Geese (1978), however, for which Budd would find his lasting fame.

Budd imparted a chilly minimalism to “Carter,” his theme for 1971’s Get Carter, a British thriller starring Michael Caine. One can run down the possibilities all day and still never account for how Budd managed, with only a motley ensemble of bass, Indian tablas, and electric harpsichord and piano, to create a tableau so perfectly redolent of both the stark landscape of northern England and of the gangsters who went shooting about there with characteristic disregard.

Budd passed on in 1993. He was forty-six.

2. Julio Gutierrez, Last Tango in Paris (Vico)
The great Julio Gutierrez emigrated from his native Cuba in the late ‘50s, pursuing his calling in both Miami and New York City with freelance stints as a composer, session pianist and musical director. Despite two very hip ‘60s Latin jazz LPs, Progressive Latin and Havana B.C., Gutierrez would never regain the stature he’d enjoyed in Cuba, where, in addition to leading the legendary Cuban Jam Sessions series, he’d been among his country’s best known modern bandleaders and composers.

1972 would perhaps represent the crowning year for the pornographic movie in its brief-lived moment of mainstream chic, and few soundtrack themes would better encapsulate its adults-only art-house cachet than Argentinean saxophonist Gato Barbieri’s “Last Tango in Paris.” 1972 would also mark one of the final years of Gutierrez’s recording career, but if his would hereafter be one of diminishing visibility, it wasn’t for lack of audacity. Other Latin bandleaders like Mongo Santamaria, Willie Rosario and Tito Puente would tackle Barbieri’s continental boudoir anthem, but no one else would inject it with the same groovily psychedelic flair.

Gutierrez died in New York City in 1990.

3. The Johnny Harris Orchestra, Footprints On the Moon (Warner Brothers)
British-born Johnny Harris first made a name for himself in the mid-‘60s writing arrangements for pop singers like Petula Clark and Jackie Trent. Later in the decade, Harris would produce and arrange sessions for Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink, Shirley Bassey and other pop acts including the Flirtations. His career arc would also include turns in the late ‘60s touring with Tom Jones and serving as musical director for British singer Lulu’s brief-lived variety show Happening For Lulu.

We are not discussing a serious jazzbo or renegade experimentalist here. Harris’s, rather, was a professional kind of hip, a kind that distinguished itself as a turtleneck-and-beads-wearing young talent in the somewhat staid end of the British pop studio system.

While an ear attuned to the latest in the pop charts meant getting served with unenviable tasks like resuscitating Paul Anka’s career, it also afforded its share of fringe benefits. Like John Schroeder, Harris would release a handful of LPs and 45s under his own name. Albums like 1970’s Movements were uneven affairs, certainly, with polite, state-of-the-art covers of “Light My Fire” and “Give Peace a Chance” along with some more adventurous moments like the funky “Fragments of Fear,” “Stepping Stones” and this selection.

Inspired by the Apollo moon landings and subsequently used for the British ITV Network coverage of NASA’s lunar missions, “Footprints on the Moon” follows in the great tradition of Les Baxter’s Space Escapade or Dick Hyman and Mary Mayo’s Moon Gas, albums where the moon’s surface was imagined more as luminescent lovers’ playground than science’s new frontier. Each reverberating piano note of “Footprints on the Moon” seems to bring the listener one gravity-defying step closer to their astrological love destiny. Careful, Libra, your love investments will soon pay off, but watch for a calculating Capricorn to step across your earth shadow.

Since 1972 Johnny Harris has lived in Los Angeles, working mostly in television composition, most famously for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Wonder Woman.

(Thanks go to this site for much of the information on Johnny Harris.)

Thanks to Officenaps. 

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